Our story

Agripur is a Belgian player in the market for biosolutions and organic fertilisers.

Founded in 2015, whose objective is to anticipate the gradual withdrawal of chemical inputs by developing credible alternatives. They include nettle or horsetail, natural ingredients with many benefits that have been well known since antiquity.

The story begins with the research work of Professor Christian Marche, director of the Centre des Technologies Agronomiques (CTA) in Strée. He set up a long and fastidious selection programme based on more than 3,000 samples of wild nettles collected in Belgium. The programme resulted in the development of a cultivable, nutrient-rich variety of nettle.

In 2017, at the instigation of ITAB (France’s Institute for Organic Food and Agriculture), Europe recognised the nettle (Urtica dioica) for its fungicidal, insecticidal and acaricidal properties and paved the way for it to be marketed by recognising it as a “basic substance”.

This was all it took to convince Georges Beguin to start planting nettles in plots and so the adventure began. Working in the region of Sombreffe, the company’s founder and manager, Georges turned a barn into a production unit in order to develop a Walloon production chain for nettle manure. This production chain now includes farmers-producers of nettles and a unit that turns them into manure, as well as partners with a marketing network.


The company was founded


The first fields of nettles were planted


The production unit was set up


Purtica was marketed for the first time


Purella was marketed for the first time


SYMPHYPUR goes on sale

Our facilities

Agripur has developed its own manufacturing processes. A preliminary study conducted in collaboration with manufacturers meant that we could build a professional production unit to meet the growing demand.

Meticulously selected nettle plants have been planted in fields and are now cultivated, giving us control of the whole production chain.

Our Vision

Listening to your needs and providing you with solutions

Our Mission

Controlling all our production processes, providing quality products and innovating

A unique adventure

The future

Because innovation never stops, we are thinking today about the products we will be able to offer you tomorrow. A range of unique products from plants such as garlic and horsetail decoctions will soon be available on the market.