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Our products are aimed at both beginners and experienced permaculturists. They are suitable for your vegetable garden or for caring for your ornamental plants.

  1. Safe and effective products to protect plants from disease and pests

    Agripur products are formulated from natural ingredients and are therefore environmentally friendly. They are also scientifically tested and proven effective in protecting plants against pests and diseases.

  2. Products that are easy to use and apply

    Agripur's products are easy to use and apply, even for people with no gardening experience. The instructions are clear and concise, and the products are available in a variety of formats, making them easy to use.

  3. Affordable products

    Agripur's products are affordable, making them accessible to gardeners of all budgets.


Our nettle slurry PURTICA is the result of the fermentation of our nettles (Urtica dioica) in water. Cumulative applications of nettle manure provide foliar fertilisation throughout the season. In addition to its fertilising properties, nettle purin is specifically recognised for its fungicidal, insecticidal and acaricidal effectiveness against various diseases and pests.

Regular application of PURTICA provides a continuous supply of nutrients and keeps diseases and pests away from your vegetable garden and plants as a preventive measure.


Our product PURELLA is a liquid formulation containing a decoction of horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.).
Rich in trace elements including silica, this natural preparation is an excellent plant defence stimulator.
PURELLA also has excellent fungicidal properties.

Regular application of PURELLA will also provide your plants with nutrients and, above all, help prevent certain diseases.



Our product SYMPHYPUR is a liquid formulation containing comfrey manure (Symphytum officinale).
Rich in phosphorus and potassium, this natural preparation encourages flower induction and tuber and fruit formation. SYMPHYPUR is an excellent complement to our nettle purin PURTICA.

Certification and packaging

Our products are Belgian and 100 % natural, with no risk to humans or the environment.

A classic application programme consists of regularly applying PURTICA at the start of the cycle to encourage vegetative development. You will then need to add SYMPHYPUR to encourage flowering and fruit or tuber formation. Depending on diseases and pests, you should add PURELLA or shorten treatment intervals with PURTICA.

Our products are certified for use in organic farming. Inspection body: Certisys.

We offer packaging to suit your needs in 1, 5 and 25 litre sizes.

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