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Our products are aimed at individuals, beginners and experienced permaculturists. They are suitable for your vegetable garden or the maintenance of your ornamental plants

  1. Improving the quality of the vegetable garden / garden

    Nettle manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, three essential nutrients for plant growth. By using nettle manure as a fertiliser, you can improve the quality of your vegetable plot or garden by providing your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive. In addition, nettle manure also contains beneficial micro-organisms that can help strengthen the soil structure and improve its ability to retain water.

  2. Financial savings

    Nettle manure is generally cheaper to produce than synthetic chemical fertilisers. By using nettle manure, you can save money and improve the quality of your garden.

  3. Environmentally friendly fertilisation options

    Nettle manure is a natural alternative to synthetic chemicals used in agriculture and gardening. By using nettle manure, you limit the impact on the environment and contribute to the protection of biodiversity.



Our nettle slurry PURTICA is the result of the fermentation of our nettles (Urtica dioica) in water. Cumulative applications of nettle manure provide foliar fertilisation throughout your crop cycle. In addition to its fertilizing properties, nettle manure is specifically recognized for its fungicidal, insecticidal and acaricidal effectiveness on various diseases and pests.

Regular application of PURTICA ensures a continuous supply of nutrients throughout the season and keeps diseases and pests away from your garden and plants in a preventive manner.


Our product PURELLA is a liquid formulation containing a decoction of horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.).
Rich in trace elements including silica, this natural preparation is an excellent plant defence stimulator.
PURELLA also has excellent fungicidal properties.

Regular application of PURELLA will also provide your plants with nutrients and, above all, will help to combat certain diseases in a curative manner.

Certification and packaging

PURTICA and PURELLA are 100 % natural products that are safe for both humans and the environment. They are also certified for use in organic farming.

Our products are certified for use in organic farming. Inspection body: Certisys

We offer you packaging adapted to your use in 1, 5 and 20 litres.

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